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11 September 18:00Tengbom Helsinki

Let's turn our attention toward the office. What role will it play in a future scenario? This fateful question will be answered by trend forecaster and interior architect Nadia Tolstoy and a panel bristling with expertise.

Welcome to an evening at Tengbom where we'll investigate the power of the office in terms of attracting talent and strengthening your business. What does the physical office mean in a digital age - and to a generation of employees that don't particularly care about the traditional structure of it all? Why do we even need it?

Understanding these fundamental components isn't only crucial to employers looking to survive in an increasingly global and disruptive market. It's equally important for property developers and investors attempting to create attractive spaces. If future revenue lies in fulfilling each company's unique DNA - how do we facilitate their micro needs on a macro scale?

We say: let's solve this equation together and co-create The Holy Office.

18:00 Welcome!
 Office trend forecast by Nadia Tolstoy
Panel discussion
Something to eat and drink

PS. Take a simple thing like coffee, for instance - how will that work at the office of the future?


Nadia Tolstoy
Interior Architect and Trend Forecaster, Tengbom

Nadia Tolstoy specializes in global trend forecasting and brand experience with emphasis on retail, hotels, restaurants and offices. As Tengbom's most requested speaker, Nadia frequently gives keynotes about digitalization, the creative process and how to develop environments that stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. 

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Akira Shimizu
Vice President, Head of Nordics, Pembroke

Akira Shimizu is responsible for managing Pembroke's Nordic business and property portfolio, pulling from a broad background in real estate investment, asset management and development. He is involved in all phases of the project from early inception to completion stabilization. In 2016, Akira relocated to Stockholm from Tokyo, where he managed the second phase of the Azabu Gardens luxury residential development.

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Susanna Sucksdorff
Managing Director, Tengbom

Susanna Sucksdorff is heading the Tengbom team in Helsinki. Susanna has  a long background in design and development and leading diversified teams in different surroundings, both in construction and creative industries. Her design philosophy is clear: when designing spaces, the focus should always be on the end-users. Because when the users thrive, the business thrives. Far too often we are afraid of creating something too different – and end up building something that attracts no one.

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Tibor Nyitray
Origameo Technology Consultant, HB Reavis

Tibor is an experienced leader and project manager with great passion for workplace innovations, technology, big data, user experience and engagement. 

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Chiara Carucci
Lighting Designer, Tengbom

Chiara is an internationally celebrated lighting designer and advocate for the importance of light. Though frequently overlooked, the lighting environment of the office has great impact on business and sustainability results - not to mention the power to make or break the health and well-being of our employees. To Chiara, collaboration is the key: with clients, users, architects and industry. Her mission? To shed light on these matters, of course.

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Ossama Gabrallah
Architect and Urban Economist, Tengbom

Mohamed Ossama Gabrallah is an urban economist and data analyst with a decade of experience in architecture and urban design in Egypt, Germany, Sweden, and Finland. Ossama is passionate about creating sustainable urban environments through the understanding and interpretation of the intricate relationships between design, market value, and social demands. He's developed this multidisciplinary approach through parametric design platforms and interactive real estate valuation models.

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This event takes place at Tengbom Helsinki. Tengbom is one of Scandiavia's leading architecture firms with 11 offices and over 600 experts in Sweden and Finland.

Architecture, design, urban planning, landscape and interiors - we do it all, preferably in close collaboration with our clients and one another. We've kept our eyes on the future since 1906, searching for new and sustainable solutions that add value to your business as well as to society. 

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