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5 - 6 FebruaryStockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020

Explore the fair and the future of offices with Tengbom

It's almost time for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020. Our focus this year is the office. How must it evolve to stay relevant and attract those talents who will take your business to the next level? 

These are just a few of the questions we'd like to investigate together with you at the fair. To help find the answers, we're curating an exhibition called Re-Defining the Office and holding two seminars - one in the fair's own programme and one at Workspace Sweden (the latter is now sold out). Read more below.

Come with us?
Sign up here to let us know you're interested, and we'll get back to you soon to discuss what we might do together. We'd love to show you around the fair, take you to a seminar, explore the exhibition and attend the Thursday afternoon mingle together.

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About the exhibition

Re-designing the Office 
he (human centred) post-spacial workspace

There are few places where the digital revolution is as palpable as at the office. In fact, our new-found mobility has skyrocketed to the level where we're even starting to question if the office is even relevant anymore. What's the point of going in when you might as well work from bed? Re-defining the office explores how the workspace must develop to stay relevant in a cloud-based reality. 

The exhibition is a collaboration by Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Sveriges Arkitekter and Trä- och möbelföretagen (TMF) in partnership with Tengbom, supported by Svenskt trä. It's curated and designed by Tengbom.  

Our seminars

Kontorets nya uppgift och potential (SOLD OUT)

Kontorslokaler är en av företagens största kostnader. Samtidigt behöver många av oss knappt vara där för att utföra vårt jobb längre. 
Den gamla tidens one fits all-kontor påverkar dessutom både klimat och medarbetare på ett sätt som varken stärker varumärke eller lockar talanger. Ekvationen håller inte längre och det är dags för en ny. Först när kontoret erbjuder det bästa för verksamheten – för affären, miljön och människan – skapas verklig potential. Tengbom spanar om långsiktiga kontorslösningar och cirkulära metoder som passar morgondagens arbetsplats. This seminar is held in Swedish.
(OBS begränsat antal platser.) 

Ivana Kildsgaard | Hållbarhetschef, Tengbom, ordförande i 100Gruppen
Sue Clark | Hållbarhetsexpert & projektledare, Tengbom
Nadia Tolstoy | Omvärldsanalytiker & inredningsarkitekt, Tengbom

Workspace Sweden 45 min

The office - from workspace to lifespace?

The time when the office was THE place to work is long gone. But as meetings and documentation alike move into the digital cloud, how must the physical workspace develop to stay relevant? Dare we even suggest that the office era is coming to an end? In this keynote and panel discussion, Tengbom architects analyze global workspace trends, branding and services needed to attract future talent. Because as our work is less tethered to a physical space, the office experience must become the best option – not just for working, but for living our lives. The seminar is held in English.

Linda Camara | Director of Operations, Architect SAR/MSA, Tengbom
Nadia Tolstoy | Trend Forecaster, Interior Architect, Tengbom

Lars-Gunnar Lundgren |
 Head of Nimway (Sony)
Magnus Behrenfeldt
| Head of City Development, AMF
Sebastian Rudenstam
| Co-Founder & CBDO, Beleco

Design & Architecture Talks 50 min

Mingle @ Re-Defining the Office

After the seminar The office - from workspace to lifespace? we welcome you to mingle with us and other guests at the exhibition.